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AA nomenclature is used, AW (forged) plus four digits: AW xxxx

FIRST DIGIT: dominant element

1 x x x Aluminum 99%
2 x x x Copper
3 x x x Manganese
4 x x x Silicon
5 x x x Magnesium
6 x x x Magnesium and silicon
7 x x x Zinc
8 x x x Other items
9 x x x unusual series
SECOND DIGIT: Impurities Control

between x 0 x x Original Alloy
x 1 x x – x 9 x x Modifications Controlled


Minimum percentage of aluminum in Group 1 or other partsIn the other groups


They are classified according to the process used to obtain the final product and get your toughness or resilience:

Worked in cold, soft or not heat treatable

-Son xxx groups 1, 3 xxx, 4 xxxy 5 xx x. During the metal work hardens (tune) The process requires intermediate heat treatment (annealing) and a final (stabilization)

Hot worked hard or heat treatable

-Are the groups 2 x x x, 6 and 7 x x x x x x. During the work the metal improves metallurgical and mechanical characteristics. The extrusion process requires treatment and after thermal quenching.


Hot worked alloys

T nomenclature is used (Tempered) plus a digit which defines caloric process followed to obtain the final product as follows: T-x

T Heat treated to produce stable tempers more
T 1 cooled and naturally aged.
T 2 Annealing (cast products only)
T 3 treatment in a solution and then cold worked
T 4 treatment in solution and naturally aged
Artificial aging T 5
Treatment T6 and artificially aged solution
T 7 and stabilized solution treatment
T 8 Treatment solution, cold worked and artificially aged
T 9 Treatment solution, artificially aged and cold worked
T 10 Cooling, artificially aged and cold worked.

cold worked alloys

H is used Nomenclature (Hardened) plus three digits that identify the processes used to obtain the final product as well: H – xxx

First dígito.Tipo working

H 1 x x Cold only
H 2 x x Cold and partially annealed
H 3 x x Cold and stabilized

Second digit: Hardness

H x 1 x One eighth of hardness
H x 2 x A quarter of hardness
H x 3 x Three eighths of hardness
H x 4 Media hardness
H x 5 x Five-eighths of hardness
H x 6 x Three Quarter-hardness
H x 7 x Seven eighths of hardness
H x 8 x Total hardness or hard
H x 9 x Very Hard

Third digit: Variations of the temple.

H x x 1 Hardened temple below the required
H xx 2 Hardened naturally but uncontrolled temper
H xx 3 acceptable corrosion resistance slot
H xx 4 Product engraved on the surface, with a pattern.